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Born in Tokyo. Interested in music and singing from childhood. Spent a year in London at year of eleven, which made Misa Joey so into pop music. After studied Applied Physics in the University, started pro-career as a singer and debuted from SME (Sony Music Entertainment) Records in 1998. "Misa" is a japanese female name meaning "beautiful sand".
"Slow & Hold" (Mini Album) 1998.06.10
"http://www.misajoey.com/" (Album) 1998.08.21
"Away With Words (KUJAKU)" (Sound Track) 1999.07.14
"the way we are in" (Maxi Single) 1999.07.17
"no reason for the blue" (Album) 1999.07.28
"Essence Of Life 'love'" (Compilation Album) 2006.09.20
 (M9 Covering the Blue Hearts' song "AOZORA(Blue Sky)")
"Ichiban-boshi" (Album) 2009.12.11
3rd Album "Ichibanboshi" Available Now !
Ichibanboshi misa joey   Listen  
19.99 USD (tax included)

1. Sweet Love
2. Marui Mizu No Ame
3. Love in my pocket
4. Just in Chaos
5. feelin' blue
6. 3000 Miles
7. Ihciban-boshi No Hotori De
8. Let's Make It Better Now
9. Jumon
10. fun
11. Slowly Natural
12. Blue Mongol
13. Yuyake-zora, Aka

Produced by Nobuo Moriyasu
Total Running Time:49min
1.10.2010 released
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